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Sir Richard Branson stars in inspirational children’s audio book.

Sir Richard Branson talks exclusively about his struggles with dyslexia to inspire children, parents and teachers.

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A wealth of famous achievers from both past and present have the X Factor. In fact so many extraordinary people have 'suffered' from the ability to look at things differently, it's faintly ludicrous to still consider it as a sign of ignorance, laziness or inferiority.

So if you've got it yourself, don't be shy about it, you're in good company. John Lennon, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill did pretty well, despite this so-called handicap, along with today's modern achievers like Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver and Robbie Williams.

But with so much potential, why are so many dyslexic children failing at school, unable to read, write or do maths properly?

This website aims to uncover the truth and empower everyone to tackle the issue of dyslexia.

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Campaigning to change the education system

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Xtraordinary People founder, dyslexia campaigning...

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Kate Griggs appears on GMTV to challenge Professor Julian Elliott who claims that dyslexia is a myth!

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Kate challenges Professor Elliott who claims that dyslexia...

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