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Sir Richard Branson stars in inspirational children’s audio book.

Sir Richard Branson talks exclusively about his struggles with dyslexia to inspire children, parents and teachers.

In the...

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Xtraordinary People celebrates Victory!


Government supports Xtraordinary People and other leading dyslexia oganisatons call for specialst teachers.

In 2008, as a direct result of Kate's camapigning, the Government announced that Sir Jm Rose would undertake a review into how dyslexic children are being supported in schools.

The report was publised in June 2009 and supported the need for early identification of dyslexia and intervention by dyslexia specialists....... exacltly what Xtraordinary People has been camapinging for.

The Government accepted the reviews findings and is investing £10 million embarking on a national programme to provide 4000 dyslexia specialist teachers. They estimate one teacher to every 5 schools.

"This is a huge step forward for dyslexia. This report clearly specifies what dyslexic children need and the Government have accepted it's findings. So there is no excuse for any school to fail to indentify dyslexia or to provide ineffective intervention for dyslexic children". said Kate Griggs.

"In fact if any school or education authority still tells parents that dyslexia doesnt' exist - then the Department for Children Schools and families want to hear from you, and so do we"

The £10 million Government have pledged has a very long way to go and its really important that teachers come forward and apply for the funding for training quickly. They can find out more about the training by clicking on the link below.

Information on dyslexia specialist training

Rose Review on Dyslexia


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Campaigning to change the education system

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