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Our Training Pyramid shows the levels of expertise recommended by all the leading charities associated with No to Failure, to enable teachers to effectively support all children with dyslexia and other SpLD

The national organisations that have united under the No to Failure project all agree that schools need a tiered approach to...

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Supported and funded by the Department for Children, Families & Schools (DCFS) Xtraordinary People helped to unite all of the leading charities and specialists in this field to create maximum impact with this unique project.

Did you know that 1 in 5 children continue to leave primary school each year unable to read, write or do maths properly? Many of these children will be dyslexic and may not be receiving the help they need.

However, if supported by dyslexia trained teachers, these children can succeed.

NUT research found that less than 14% of teachers felt very confident they could recognize a dyslexic child and less than 9% felt very confident they could teach a dyslexic. 77% of teachers said they wanted extra training in dyslexia.

What's more, the teaching methods that help dyslexic children are widely recognised, and are effective strategies for all struggling learners.

By highlighting the link between children failing in school and SpLD the 'No to Failure' project will seek to prove that SpLD training is critical and essential for teachers. It will also demonstrate, through trailblazing schools who are getting things right how new exemplars of provision can be shared throughout the education system for the benefit of all.

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Xtraordinary People founder, dyslexia campaigning...

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